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PJ Echlin

Cannon Scoopic Film Speed.

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So I recently bought a 16mm Cannon Scoopic (the gray version) and I plan to shoot a short film with it this upcoming summer. Due to a low budget, I plan on using nothing but natural light during the entire production. My Cannon has a circular dial to choose what I presume, is the film speed. It shows DIN and below it, it has a corresponding ASA number. Pics will be attached. My question is, if i shoot on 250D film stock, how do I choose the correct option when i film? ALL the options on the dial are as follows: 26DIN/320ASA, 23DIN/160ASA, 20DIN/80ASA, 17DIN/40ASA, 14DIN/20ASA, 11DIN/10ASA. 

I will be acting as a my own DP, so if you could explain in layman's terms that would be much appreciated. 


Thank you!








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ASA is pretty much the same than ISO. The dial has two dots in between the numbers, for example there are two dots between 160 and 360 meaning those are ISO 200 and ISO 250, so there you have the one you were looking for.

The main problem is going to be that light meters on Scoopics are old and not accurate, so I recommend testing the internal meter against a hand held reflected meter like a Sekonic or Pentax and a grey card, or a sold color. If the meter in your camera is not accurate but works, you can compensate by using a small number (ISO) like 160 for example, but in order to find the actual condition of the meter you will have to make some tests. If you don't have access to a hand held meter a DSLR and a solid white or gray piece of paper evenly lit can help. You point the cameras to the same spot, meter and compare the results.

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I've had great luck with the newer MN & MS (black) models as far as meters go but I've never owned a grey one. As Ruben says, test, test, test.

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