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Bolex Leica M lenses

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Great news. 

Just been trying to find a good adaptor online and there are limited results. 

Would anyone be able to recommend a specific make? 


Thanks for all the help! 

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Wittner used to sell all kinds of SLR mounts to C mount, pretty sure made by Beaulieu, they come in orange boxes usually. I have Leica R and M, as well as M42.

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LEICA-Bolex adapters were offered by Paillard already in the 1930s. Paillard & Cie were close with Leitz for an unknown reason. The H camera prototype was equipped with a VIDOM finder and the top thread in the main frame that accepts the screw-in focusing magnifier is German.

I assume that Leitz became interested in the Swiss enterprise when Zeiss-Ikon presented the Movikon 16 in 1932. Leitz was preparing a 16-mm. camera himself, had already a lens line, but then was overrun. Paillard halted their H camera project, too, from 1931 to 1934.


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Hi Edward,

some M-C mount adapters don't fit the Bolex, they are too wide in diameter to go with the turret.

I could part with mine, if you are interested, please send me an email,


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