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Derick Crucius

Changing tent for LOMO tank?

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Hey everyone,

I was wondering if someone had a recommendation for a changing tent or a method for a dark bag to use for loading the LOMO UPB-1a developing tank? I do not have a darkroom, and to black out windows every time I want to process would be a bit annoying. I’ve used my dark bag in the past and have always had loading mistakes due to it being so crammed in the bag (tank, spiral, and film box gets pretty crowded)

any tips or recommendations are very much appreciated, thanks!


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there is the series of  Harrison Film Changing Tents  - you can find them at places like B&H photo.  Biggest one is 48 inches by  28, and 19 high, but will fold away.  NOT Cheep.  the minilab ones may not collapse easily for storage, but would have solid sides which would be more rugged.

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I bought a huge old Birns and Sawyer changing bag for $25, I put a cardboard box inside to keep the bag held up with the side facing me cutout.

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Posted (edited)

I did something similar as Todd, and it works great. Bought a very large changing bag (quite cheaply) off of Amazon. Made a square frame out of small diameter PVC pipes. The frame goes inside the changing bag.

Another addition is a board (I used OSB wood) that lies inside the frame, on the bottom of the changing bag. I put 2 nails in the board, one for a 100ft spool and one for the Lomo spiral. The nails fit inside the center of the spool and spiral, so they don't go anywhere while I'm turning the spiral to load the film onto it.

Works quite well, I'll see if I can make a photo later today 🙂

EDIT: Forgot to mention, the pipes are easily assembled and disassembled as well. Quite convenient and lightweight.

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Small addition

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you can also use a blacked out cardboard box if not having anything better. If having a very large changing bag you could just use it over the box. Or black it out with black cloth or plastic on all sides and use sleeves on one side to handle the film

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