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Make your own sound barney: video tutorial

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Wanted to quiet down my SR, but barney's were hard to come by, and I wasn't impressed by the old leather one on an XTR I used to own. I certainly had to time to spend on a little DIY project to see if I could come up with a better solution that wasn't a full metal enclosure, and made the below video detailing the build and test.


Sound barney build project video

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I had actually forgotten to get a baseline reading in the room before any testing. There were segments on the db graph before I rolled, but never long enough to get a decent average on.

The lead is very flexible, and molds easily, as you'd expect from such a soft metal. Once adhered to the automotive foam, it doesn't have any problem bending around, and it malleable enough to let you turn the sewn barney inside out.

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