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Philip Forrest

FS: Filmo 70A, 70E, 70DL, Kodak K-100, C-mount lenses, Bolex motor

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I'm thinning the herd of my collection by quite a bit, and have the following 16mm gear for sale:

Bell & Howell Filmo:

70A with Taylor Hobson 1" f/3.5. This camera has been converted to run 1R film by machining the film sprockets and by removing one pulldown claw from the shuttle. I plan on replacing the sprockets with 1R versions this week. Shutter assembly has been cleaned and lubed. This camera runs well at 16 frames/second, as the friction felt in the governor has disintegrated in the last 90 years, so 8 f/s isn't available. Viewfinder in the door is clear, clean and bright. The lens is in very good condition, clean, no scratches, no fungus, good aperture blades. Camera includes folding later style winder key. I should probably just keep this one because it is that much fun. Point and shoot 16mm. $100.

70E. This camera has been converted to run 1R film by replacing the film sprockets with later types and by removing one pulldown claw from the shuttle. The viewfinder in the door is clear, clean and bright. This camera runs strong and consistent for 56 seconds at 16 frames/second. Camera includes folding winder key. $125.

70DL that has been converted to 70DR. This camera is the chassis of a 70DL that has had the shutter front plate and assembly changed to a later 70DR. This shutter plate is the type with a slip-in filter slot. Turret is the proper 70DR geared turret with the cutout notch for the filter. Film door is 70DR. Finder is very clear, clean, and bright. Camera runs strong and steady for 55 seconds at 16 frames/second. This camera has an interesting 1/2" alloy plate attached to the base which adds an additional 3/8" tripod socket as well as the 1/4x20. Camera includes folding winder key. $100.

Kodak K-100 Turret. This camera is amazing and just keeps going. It runs for 1:39 at 16 f/s, and 1:11 at 24 f/s on a full wind. The clockwork is very stable through the whole run. The viewfinder has some flecks of dust inside but for composition is still very bright and clear. There is some superficial chrome pitting on the turret but otherwise the camera is in great shape. I'm selling it with the 25mm and 50mm viewfinder objectives, as well as a proper cap for the other objective port. I will sell this with two K100 C mount caps and one generic. I would prefer to sell this camera with a trio of lenses, **15mm f/2.5 Cine-Ektar, **25mm f/1.9 Cine-Ektar II, and **50mm f/1.4 Soligor TV lens (lens descriptions below.) $140 camera only, $280 with lenses.

Somewhere around here I have a Bell and Howell 240 (not EE). This is a C-mount camera. This ugly beast runs strong and loud for over a minute at 24 frames/second. Viewfinder is good. Loop former works well. No corrosion. It's really clean, just not my cup of tea. $45.


Angenieux 17-68mm f/2.2 Reflex. This lens is in amazing condition with proper front and rear caps, and series filter adapter. Reflex viewfinder is in very good condition. Everything adjusts properly, nothing too tight or loose. Lens is clean and clear. Small amount of dust inside, no scratches, marks or fungus. Aperture is good, no oil on the blades but still has clicks. Single coated. I used this with the Filmo 70E (above). $165.

Bell & Howell Super Comat 1" f/1.9.,C-Mount. This is the older version that could fit inside a ping pong ball. Tiny lens in good shape. Focus is smooth but has a touch of helical thread lash. Aperture is good, still clicks. Glass is clean and clear of fungus or marking but there is a bit of dust. Single coated. End of the barrel, where the threads are is slightly dinged up but it doesn't affect mounting Series IV adapters. $35.

Wollensak Cine-Raptar 1" f/1.9, C-Mount. Also a very small lens and incredibly well built. Focus is nice and smooth but a touch on the tight side. Glass has a bit of dust but is otherwise prefect. Single coated. Aperture is smooth with no clicks. Blades are good but every other blade has a smear of oil.  $35.

**Kodak Cine-Ektar 15mm f/2.5, S-Mount w/ S-C adapter. This lens is a really good shooter. All of the Cine-Ektars up to 50mm have rare-earth glass and this one is not an exception. It is slightly yellowed as a result but the image it draws is very sharp with nice falloff. Glass has dust but is otherwise  perfect. No fungus or marks. Single coated. Focus action is very smooth and precise. Aperture ring is smooth with no clicks. This lens comes with an aftermarket S-C mount adapter. The C mount threads on this adapter are tight but once seated properly, this does not effect the lens performance. NOTE: THIS LENS CANNOT BE USED ON REFLEX BOLEX. $85.

**Kodak Cine-Ektar II 25mm f/1.9, C-Mount. This lens is not pretty but it draws a fantastic image. The alloy barrel is discolored from age, so it's dull aluminum. Lens focusing is smooth but a bit tight. Rare earth glass is slightly yellowed. Glass has a bit of dust but is otherwise in excellent condition. No marks or fungus. Single coated. Aperture clicks are still there and the aperture blades are clean and in good condition. $55.

Kodak Cine-Ektar 25mm f/1.9, S-Mount. Lens is in very good condition. Glass has no marks or fungus but does have some dust. Rare earth glass is slightly yellowed. Single coated. Focus is smooth. Aperture moves smoothly with no clicks. I actually prefer this one to the Ektar II, as I think the handling is better. Both are great shooters though. This lens does not come with an adapter but I could possibly sell one, if needed. $60.

**Soligor 50mm f/1.4 Television lens, C-Mount. Lens is in overall good condition. Small amount of dust inside but otherwise clear with no fungus. Front element has some edge coating marks plus a very fine scratch towards the outer edge. Multi-coated. It draws a very nice image and I used it for quite a bit on my GX85. Focus is buttery smooth. Aperture has positive clicks. Aperture blades are clean. $50.


MST Perfectone motor for Bolex REX4/5. 24 frames/second, 60hZ, 12v. This motor came with my camera, with no cords nor battery pack. It looks like one of the mounting screws is missing as well. I have no way to test it, so I'm throwing it out there for $100 OBO.

I can entertain offers for any or all of the above stuff. I'm located in Philadelphia, PA and can arrange local pickup within reason. If anyone wants me to shoot some stills with the lenses for sale, I can do that upon request. I'll send along and post images of the gear for sale as I get time to do so. I'm still slogging through the last week of my Masters Degree, so I don't have much time to set up lights and take product images.

I prefer to ship to the lower 48 states but we are an international community, so I'm open to shipping overseas as well. Shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail with full insurance, tracking, and signature confirmation. All prices include shipping to CONUS.

Thanks all.

Phil Forrest


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Hi Phillip, 

I sent you a message, please check your inbox.

- Webster

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Angenieux 17-68 Sold.

I have an Elmo C-300 Super 8 / DS 8 camera for sale as well. Don't have the DS8 magazine. Camera works but I have never used it for filming. Make me an offer.

Make me offers on any of the gear in the first ad as well. Consolidating and moving soonish so i want to cut down on a lot of stuff.

Phil Forrest

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