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Bell & Howell 605 Help

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Hi guys, my Bell & Howell 605 turret frustrates me. I tried to flip the lenses and a little “screw” which attaches the turret to the camera jumped out and I had the turret loose in my hand. It is not the same camera as mine, but you can have an idea from the photo below. What I mean is that thing between the two main lenses, with the two dots on it. That piece holds the turret against the camera, but also allows to turn a little loose so the turret can be flipped. Is there any chance to get this stuff repaired without having to buy a camera with a turret and then use it as replacement? 



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If you still have the screw and any hardware that goes underneath it, put a very small amount of nail polish on the threads and screw it back in. If it actually broke off and a piece is still stuck in the center shaft, just consider that a parts camera and get another.

Phil Forrest

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