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Krasnogorsk 3 loading issue (please help!)

Jay Bawar

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Just got the k3 but im having INSANE trouble trying to load the film. I got a dummy roll from a local lab. Im using the correct loop lengths and the film is catching on the sprockets (no loop maker btw). But everytime the film starts running the take up spool jams and the film stops. When i try to take the take up spool off it is really snug and tight on the holder. At one point the screw for the take up holder was coming off so i tightened it a little. Maybe someone can tell me what their k3 take up holder looks like? The camera runs fine other wise. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! 🙂

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You said very little about the camera initially. Just got the K 3. Also these machines can have sticky frictions. Coincidentally I know the innards of the Krasnogorsk. Never serviced such a camera is likely to malfunction.

As long as the film does not jump off the sprocket drum a transport issue is a problem of the mechanism and as long as the spools don’t pinch, the same. Sounds like a service is overdue. Fine mechanics demand attention. In all respect and sympathy

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Well heres a video of it https://imgur.com/a/z4Z6xzu

Everything seems to be running fine without film. I can put the spool on the take up without film and it runs well. My loops are correct. I got the camera off ebay from russia. Most likely hasnt been serviced. I feel like im just missing something small. Maybe im too dumb for 16mm.

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No, you aren’t. The take-up gearing is obviously out of order. Possibly somebody has tinkered with the camera. The central spindle screw oughtn’t come loose. A blow may have occurred as well.

My advice would be to leave the Krasnogorsk in favour of something dependable.

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Seems quite confusing. Potentially a previous owner has indeed tinkered and put things back in a way that is slightly off. Maybe a gear was put back out of step with another gear, as simon suggests.

Start from scratch, is the take up spindle turning freely, is the film jamming causing the take up spool to jam? Try running film through in a continuous loop, splice and cement a loose loop, and see if while running any part of the film pulls or tightens?

You may have inadvertantly bought a "fixer up" with a bit of detective work you might fix it.

Good luck, Gareth 

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It is possible to remove the main plate on these cameras without messing else than the sprocket wheel position. If you cant get a refund you should take the plate off to see what is wrong with the spindle. Make sure to mark the sprocket wheel axle alignment before removing it. Remove pressure plate.  Then take the outer edge screws off and lift the main plate back edge first by lifting from the feed or takeup spindle. Send us pictures of the insides if you decide to remove the plate for inspection

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