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What Would You Buy?

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I am considering the $199 Wellmaking HL-800C light: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07YY1HH5X

However, the one complaint that so many people have (i.e. catch) is that the ball mount can not support the weight of most good softboxes. If you bought this light, what replacement mount would you buy so that it can support the weight of a large softbox. If you have any links to mount options, that will definitely help. Also, what else do I need to get this thing fully functional? What stand would you buy for it? What battery would you buy? What budget-friendly softbox in the 30" to 35" range? Is that too big of a softbox for the brightness of this light? Anything else I need or that you would get for it? Thanks. 

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Agree with Guillaume. Godox has really started competing for Aputure's customers. Those are the only two companies I would go with on a budget. They have research and reputation you can rely on.

Unfortunately $200 is a small budget for an LED light you intend to use for a main source. $700 is where you begin to get the foot candles necessary for key-sized diffusions. 80w is rather low IMHO. I wouldn't go with 100w minimum for LED.

If you're dead set on this light, then is there a possibility of mounting the softbox speedring to the stand? If instead the softbox was on the stand and let the light hang off, perhaps that could be your answer. I've seen photography gear like this in some form.

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