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Kyle Perritt

Arri SR3 footage issue

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I've been testing some old cameras lately and and shot a couple test rolls through an SR3 - one roll turned out fine. The other one had a weird, ghosted image that I can't quite figure out and I'm guessing someone here will know what this is immediately. (disclaimer: I'm a digital guy and relative noob to film) 

I've uploaded some grabs.

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 9.30.31 PM.png


Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 9.30.58 PM.png

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It feels like maybe the  pressure plate on that one mag might need some love. The shiny metal as you're loading film into magazine is the pressure plate which holds the film at a certain pressure against the gate. If you have film bouncing back and forth between the pressure plate and the gate might cause it.

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The Arriflex 16 SR 3 has a register pin that locks the film during exposure. Your camera needs to be inspected by a technician. Even if a loop was too tight something like that shouldn’t have occurred. Too tight loops can pull the pressure plate up which results in out-of-focus images.

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Hard to see the exact issue with such low res frames, but a double image is very unusual with a pin registered precision camera like an SR3. A shutter timing error is virtually impossible because the timing is mechanically linked within the movement ie no belt slippage or such is possible. 

I’d check that the issue is on the film itself and not a scanning problem.

If it is on the film, was it just one mag for both the good and bad footage? Same lens? Any noise difference while shooting? Experienced loader? Actual footage available rather than low res frames?


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I remember taking a second look at this when we scanned it and talked to Kyle about this issue. I recall a slight frameline flutter and I think this was scanned concurrently with the other roll on the Spirit-2K to 1080P which did not have the flutter.

Possible mis-load in the SR3 mag where the loop goes under the plate guides and or too small a loop? Maybe the pulldown and pin were just "picking" at the perf.

If you want to send it back to the lab we can take a look at the perfs and see if there is any deformation on the bench.

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