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Arri 16S - Prime Lens Set Best Practices

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Hey 16S People - 

Finally doing right by my 16S and am making up a set of Cooke Kinetals for use in a few upcoming projects. Camera is good to go more or less. In the past I have borrowed some old Zeiss primes for use in the bayonet mount, which I’ll miss certainly, but am happy to be using the turret again. 

With the standard mount lenses, what are people using for lightly greasing the standard lens mounts for use in the turret? Vaseline ok? I actually have the Arri grease as currently supplied by Arri. I don’t mind using it but if Vaseline works I’ll be happy to use that too. 

Also where are people getting older lenses serviced these days? The 50mm needs to be collimated and has some haze that I’d like a solid lens tech to have a crack at removing. Any info appreciated. 

Stay safe out there! 




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Hi Isaac,

Hope your project went well. Those Cooke Kinetal lenses were always my favorite when using with the Arriflex 16S. Lubricating the barrels of the lenses with Vaseline is fine. Naturally the ARRI grease will work also, but it's much more expensive than Vaseline. Just make sure to keep the lens barrels and lens sockets on the camera lubricated as the aluminum on the lens sockets will wear quickly and make the lens sloppy. You also need to do this on the very early Schneider lenses and some of the Zeiss lenses that were made for the Arriflex 16S.

Best, -Tim

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