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1200w HMI par 64 bulb

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I recently picked up a desisti 1200 hmi with electronic ballast at a good price.  I didn't realize the bulb was the sealed par 64 kind.  (hence the good price I'm sure).  Just curious if theres a way to use the more affordable g38 base osram bulbs or similar?   I'm new to HMI so I'm not sure if thats a dumb question!

If not is there a good source for the sealed bulbs?  I'm seeing $500+ online....

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If it's anything like the old ARRISUN 12, then you cannot use the modern G38 single-ended HMI lamps, no. The sealed-PAR lamp had its own reflector, so our old ARRISUN did not have or need one. Running a lamp without this built-in reflector would likely cause overheating and damage to the fixture, as much more heat would be absorbed by the inner baffle than was planned in the design. More troubling, is the lack of UV filtering glass on the fixture, again due to the sealed-PAR's inclusion of UV filtering. This is all based on my experience with the old ARRI heads, if the Desisti heads were different, please don't hesitate to correct me.

As for sourcing lamps, I find them to be rare enough that lamp failure is often reason to scrap the entire fixture. If anyone has a source, please let me know!

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I just picked up a few par 64’s from: 


They were $305/each, ask for Marisela. I may have bought the last they had in stock but it sounds like they can get more. I couldn’t find a better price out there..

Another option i stumbled onto when i was exhausting the internet for bulb options was this place that converts par 64 fixtures to work with the SE g38 bulbs:



Brian Chism


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