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Raymond Zrike

Dumb Question: Can I switch lens in the middle of a 400’ roll?

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Just want to know for sure while I’m planning a project. Can I switch lens (in daylight) while in the middle of a 16mm 400’ roll? My camera, an Eclair ACL, doesn’t have a multi-turret design. Does the shutter protect the rest of the roll (as long as the camera isn’t running)? 

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Yes, you can.  Even if your motor isn't the mirror parking model, at most you'll only expose one frame (and that frame will be overexposed anyway because the motor was slowing to a stop).  The anti-halation backing prevents light from propagating too much into adjacent frames.  It's a good idea to make sure the shutter is closed though, so that dust doesn't find its way into the gate.  

You can also switch magazines in the middle of a roll (to change from low speed to high speed stock, for instance).  You would flash about 14 frames.  

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Following from Daniel, it's a good practice to advance a few frames after a good take, if there's a chance the camera is going to be worked on at all. If you pull a mag get the plastic cover on the pressure plate right away. 

Another important thing to learn is the gate check practices and protocols. Best to get read in by a pro AC, maybe the Black and Blue chap has all that on his pages. I can say this. Be super clean with your loading practices, keeping the bag/tent, your arms and mags really clean, then there will be less hairs/dust to start with. Learn the gate check and the protocols. You can't do it by pulling the mag, you have to pull the lens. Some people can shine a torch town the front of a zoom and see hairs in the gate ok. I found that really hard.

Anyway, my two cents...even if you have almost no crew, or untrained crew, you can try and follow good practices or protocols.

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