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Hey there. 

Question pertaining to an Arri SR2 and the Cinematography Electronics Precision Speed Control 2. 
I’ve got the Precision Speed Control 2 hooked up to my SR2 and set to 24fps. When I run the camera, there’s a bit of a clanking sound and it sputters around 10fps for about 5secs, then ramps up to 40fps for about 5secs, then ramps back down to around 10fps. All in all, pretty out of control. As I’ve messed with it, it has hit 24fps for a sec, then starts running wild. I ran the camera without the Speed Control and it ran smooth. 
Two questions. 
1. Any troubleshooting ideas? 
2. (probably a dumb question) can you run the camera without the Speed Control and be fine if the project will have no sound sync? I’ve only ever shot with a Speed Control so if I resorted to shooting without it, it’d be a new experience. 


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I don't know that controller at all but sometimes there may be problems with the connectors or cables. they are easy enough to check so you could do that by yourself. if there is no cable/connector problems, then it should be sent to someone who could repair those control boxes.

The camera should run at 25fps without the control box (at least all the SR2's I know of do so) so if you are fine with 25fps then it should not be a problem to run it without the box

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