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Cinematography.com has over 20 main categorized sub-forums, and even more very specialized categories for specific camera formats and camera manufacturers. Why is it that most new threads are started in the General Discussion forum?

PLEASE - When you're starting a new thread, scroll through the list of categorized forums and choose the appropriate forum carefully.

When you properly categorize your post, Cinematography.com notifies other forum members that are interested in reading your post. If you are asking a question, the people who can best answer you are probably subscribed to the categorized forum that specializes in that topic.

There's nothing I enjoy more than spending a day moving incorrectly categorized threads from General Discussion to more appropriate sub-forums... except maybe paying taxes or cleaning a toilet.

If you think we need more or fewer categorized sub-forums, or should combine existing sub-forums,  please reply here.

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Thanks for bringing this up Tim, and thanks for all the work that you do! We appreciate having this forum and especially the archive to talk about film and filmmaking. None of this would be possible with you. 

I think maybe some of this cross-pollination is inevitable, since many of the posts are not by industry crew people who would necessarily know that a focus pulling thread should go in AC/DIT instead of Camera Operating, etc. General Discussion seems to be the default dumping ground for this sort of thing.

Maybe a short little explanation of what belongs in each thread in the New Topic page would help? I’d be happy to help out if you need it. 

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Good idea, Satsuki. 

If you want to write up a list of short descriptions for each category, I'll add them. They'll appear below each sub-forum name. For example, I just added one for the General Discussion forum.


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Tim, here's what I got so far. Feel free to edit as you see fit, I'm not tied to anything.

Also, apologies in advance if I've offended anyone with snark. It's all meant to be tongue-in-cheek.



How do I light this scene? And other lighting-related questions.

Everything to do with lighting a scene.

Let there be light!

What’s a footcandle, exactly?

The Electric Department - running cable, powering the set, focusing lights, DMX, lots of waiting.



Pan, tilt, invoice. Or, how do I move the camera?

Sticks, handheld, steadicam, gimbals - got to get ‘em all.

Tripods, steadicams, and cranes? Oh, my!



Pulling focus, slating, laying marks, loading film, backing up cards, pushing carts. All in a day’s work.

Keep it sharp!

The Camera Department - support your local DP.



You want to put a light where?

You’re gonna need a bigger truck.

Safety first! Putting cameras and lights in impossible places.

The Grip Department - building rigs, shaping light, moving heavy cameras, keeping you safe (and chewing gum at the same time).


Shooting for green screens, mattes, plates, CG.

You mean it’s not real?!



Color correcting your footage in post.

Well, the film isn’t going to color correct itself!

My favorite LUT, and other controversial topics.

The art of finishing the image.

Help! My footage is all orange! And other color grading topics.



All camera-specific questions go here. (Serial violaters will be trolled and beaten with feathers).

But seriously, folks. Put all camera-specific posts here. Yes, even you Kinetta people. You know who you are.



Lenses, filters, director’s viewfinders, speedboosters, adapters, and other optical oddities.

Glassware, aisle 6. Women’s hosiery, aisle 12.



Matte boxes, follow focuses, wireless video, and other bits that go on the camera.



Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, Ilford. Lab processing and printing.

I shot on FILM! Now what?



What’s a book?

Recommended reading. If you want a list, start here.



Shooting soon - have questions? Shooting now - journaled entries.

A look inside the production process.

Reports from the front lines.



Seen a good movie lately? Discuss here. Older movie discussions also highly appreciated!



Unions, timecards, overtime. All the fun stuff!

How to get paid and stay employed.

Wait, we get paid too?

It’s harder than it looks, crewing on a film…



Need crew? Looking for work? Updated your reel? Post inquires here.



Need constructive feedback? No shortage of critics here. Keep it positive!



Meet locals, make films, have coffee.

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LOL. Those are great, Satsuki.

Since English is a second language for many who use the site, and sarcasm can often be misinterpreted, I think we should use the simplest, most direct descriptions.

Thanks again!


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This doesn’t seem to have helped matters in the short term. I wonder if it’s possible to change the ‘New Post’ process to selecting a sub-forum after writing and before submitting?

So say you’ve finished typing your post and when you the hit the submit button, it asks you to select a specific sub-forum from a drop down menu. General Discussion would be at the very bottom of the list, encouraging it’s use only when the post doesn’t fit elsewhere.

Just throwing out ideas here.

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Steven - Did you read the Marketplace FAQ? I'll quote it here:

You cannot edit a post more than a few minutes after it has been published (or 24 hours for Sustaining Members).
You may amend a post by adding your own reply to the thread.
Do not request an administrator or moderator remove your post when your item is sold. Just add a reply to the thread. "SOLD".

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