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James Maynard Gelinas

Nizo 6080 service

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Hopefully someone else will provide some useful information.  However, the last time I had such a NIZO serviced it was by LEITZ in the UK, and even after that it still wasn't correct.  Most of the best service centers for repair on NIZO have been in Germany, but that has dried up.  The main issue with these higher end NIZO cameras is that they rely heavily for most functions via a CMOS chip on their motherboard.  This was early sophisticated electronics, and when something went wrong, it was replaced....often via Warranty long ago, and afterward, it was a costly proposition.  Any existing CMOS boards for these cameras that are original old stock 'new', are now very old....and the prospect of one lasting for any length of time beyond a 30 to 90 day time frame is anyone's guess.   I loved these cameras WHEN they worked fine....however....all have failed due to the ravages of time....certainly not from use.  The one I used the most never even had 10 cartridges run thru it from new!  Very poor failure rate.   

  IF you need a sound type Super 8mm camera, buy one that used later electronic boards [Sankyo XL Supertronic series, and high end Canon, Elmo], or earlier non-electronic but electrical types such as earlier CHINON made cameras (although the issue with them is that capstan belt has usually failed due to age.....a problem among most of the Super 8mm sound cameras as they get older....and costly and difficult to replace).  IF you don't need a Super 8mm sound camera, and prefer the NIZO brand, then consider any of the non-sound folding backward pistol grip models S-48, S-480, S-481, S-56, S-560, S-561, S-80, S-800, S-801, macro versions of the later ones, and of course the "Professional" model which is the S-800 or S-801 without the meter battery issue, and works with the grip folded back and has a tripod socket on the belly for lower center of gravity filming work.  These are electronic-mechanical and can usually be repaired.   There just aren't any new made modern replacement boards for the early CMOS run cameras, and for my money, it's not worth it to try and repair them.  You can usually find a less expensive than to repair working camera....but the question then is....how long will it work.  I have bought these sound cameras off Ebay, seller said they worked...but they NEVER used a sound cartridge in the camera so didn't know if the recording mechanism for audio worked, as any of the related functions, nor the lap dissolve/double exposure features.  And....not to my surprise...they did NOT work.  As a repair tech myself, in addition to photography and laboratory specialist.......without the new parts....couldn't fix them. The few places for parts source wouldn't sell them either, as the original BRAUN distributor had long gone out of the Super 8mm camera business.  These days in the world of Super 8mm filming.....just find another camera, plenty out there truly.  Best of luck to you.

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