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Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

What is the verdict Perry on your 14K scanner?

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Gamma Ray...

"In 2020 we added again upgraded the ScanStation to 6.5k for virtually noiseless HDR scanning of 8mm through 35mm film. We will also have our custom-built 35/70mm 14k scanner online in the fall of 2020."


You got an impressive crew there Perry. I hadn't been to your site in a while. I was talking with a film collector about getting some sound scans of his 16mm done and brought you up for a scanning source. I saw your 14K scan project and my eyes popped out. That must be the biggest film scanner in the world! I've never heard of anything that big.

One suggestion...

Although I didn't look at every nook and cranny, I only see still samples at yours site. You should pick up some public domain home movies or something to show actual movie scans at the site. You should have some moving pictures of the output of the ScanStation to 6.5k virtually noiseless HDR scanning of 8mm / 16mm.


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We're still working on the 14k scanner. It's for 35mm and 70mm (and some oddball archival formats) though. We could probably scan 16mm on it, but the resolution would be limited due to the optical system, and we'd probably get more out of the 6.5k ScanStation, which has more range for the camera/lens system to fill the sensor frame than we do. 

We don't have scan samples, because no streaming format does them justice. It's more hassle than it's worth to have to explain away the compression from streaming, and there are too many variables in the playback system to make that a worthwhile test. That being said, film is just a series of still images isn't it? stills are a pretty good way to show off the scanner. 

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OK, put up some stills up then. You should be able to put up full res clips at the Internet Archive for download. (I don't know if there would be a limit, but they took all of mine.)


If you are successful you should think about marketing the scanners. Do you have an interest in that end of the biz?

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