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ALPHA 800 K5600 and M8

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Hi, hope everything is fine.

Just wondering if any of you had experience with them. I can not find any review around the internet.

I have asked for 3 M8 and they said they can give me just one M8 plus two of those K5600 Alpha 800w.

I am not the most experienced DOP out there, I have to say it. But I am not just at the beginning neither. I am just starting again after a period of taking care of other things.

I have one question: is it ok to mix lights? Even though they are all HMIs I find that having the same architecture (all Arri OR all K5600) makes the work easier. Of course, you can always mix things when needed (even practical and Arris) but thinking of that as a sort of basic kit... What do you think and suggest? Maybe it is not a real problem. For example I find the M8 more powerful but softer. K5600 I see it as a bit harsh.

Thanks for your kind help







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I've not worked with it.

The differences are in the reflectors and the glass. So the intensities and texture of the light will be different, but not necessarily drastic. 800w is still 800w.

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