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Josh Gallegos

Canon RP Mirrorless (4K)

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I’ve decided to shoot 4K, since I already rented the camera. I have one 128GB memory card for 4K recording and an extra LP-E17 battery to keep the shoot going. It’s only 7 pages and I think last time I shot 8 pages in 8 hours.

Does anyone know if there is a calculator to estimate how much storage I will need?  And does 4K affect audio? I’m using a mounted rode shotgun mic I think I used it at 24 decibels last time on Room 221 (aka Not a Porno), and the audio turned out okay. 

Also I was thinking of rating the camera at 400 ISO since I looked at the hotel room and it has a lot of practical lighting, and I’m using a fast lens, Canon RF 24-70mm f/2.8L IS USM (EOS R). 

I think it’s a good exercise to refresh my mind, but I’ll have the camera and lens for 4 nights, so I’ll be able to try and get the ghosting effects right. 

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one byte is 8 bits so it is pretty easy to calculate the storage needs when knowing the bitrate of the video/audio stream. 

So for example 80Mbps would be 10MB/s which would be 10 times 60 = 600MB per minute and the 128GB (gigabytes) card would last approximately 128 000 MB / 600MB/min = 213.333 minutes on the 80Mbps bitrate. It is less in the real world but you would get an approximate this way 🙂

You would want to have at least two hours of raw material on the single 128GB card (depending on how you shoot but the 2 hours should be pretty OK amount of material for that type of shoot) . So you will have 120minutes of material expected which is 120 x 60 = 7200 seconds of material per day. 128 000 MB / 7200 seconds = 17.777 MB/second (MegaBytes per second) which is (remembering that one byte is 8 bits)  17.777 times 8 = 142.222 megabits per second.  

So the way I estimate these things, you would need to have a bitrate of about 140megabits per second or less for the raw material if wanting to shoot approximately 2 hours of raw material which should probably last for the day I think. If having two cards and offloading during the day then you could shoot more or have higher bitrate. But remember that offloading during the day will always need at least two cards, preferably three or more (for example two larger cards which are regularly used and one small as a backup to record to if the offloading lasts longer than expected) . 

Can you manage with the less than 140Mb/s bitrate to survive the day with a single card or could you offload and wipe cards during the day to shoot more hours or with higher bitrate?  

Generally you would shoot with one of the highest settings the camera allows if wanting to produce material for cinema screens. I like to have the bitrate to be over 300Mbps for 4K material to start with. Depending on the codec used. You can manage with less of course but it is generally a good idea to try to get the best quality raw material you can... you can always make it look worse in post but making bad quality material better is very difficult and depressing especially if the camera would have been capable of much higher quality.

Editing 4K with a old computer is pretty easy if using proxies. You don't need the original material for editing, just something to see the image in good enough quality to judge focus and acting performances. There is lots of threads about proxy editing and you can ask for help if needed 🙂 

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I think the EOS RP does not allow much higher than 120Mbps so you could be fine with one card too if not having tons of takes. Getting another 128GB could be wise for security

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The card I bought has a speed up to 170mb/s it’s a Sandisk Extreme Pro. I did buy a second SD 128gb card but it’s only 130mb/s and it doesn’t have a (4K UHD) logo. I might just get a 1TB hard drive for about $60, but when I get the equipment next Thursday I’ll shoot random stuff and upload it to Adobe Premiere pro to see if my laptop can handle 4K footage. I only have a 1080p laptop monitor with 12GB of Ram, I do have Vegas graphics card with Radeon 7. The pc has about 400gb of free storage so getting the hard drive would probably be a good idea.

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