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I am doing more and more full frame work, and doing some research about the optical full frame Directors Viewfinders options out there (non-digital). I was wondering if anyone had any particular insight into the various options that exist?

I am aware of the:

Denz "Director's Viewfinder OIC FF"
Lindsey Optics "Large Format Directors Viewfinder" 
and PS Technik "Optica Magnus" 

Are there any that I am missing? Would love to hear if anyone has experience with any of these. I think the Denz and PS Technik also support anamorphic, The Lindsey Optics does not currently support Anamorphic.

Any insight would be appreciated! (not looking for any "you should just use a digital finder, app, etc")

Bryant Jansen


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Hey Bryant!

I've tested the Lindsey Optics one and the Optica Magnus ones.  Both seem to be pretty early in the production stages and both need a little tweaking to be great finders.  Actually both manufacturers told me they are continuously making adjustments to the designs so I would wait a bit to buy one until they make tweaks.

The Lindsey one felt best in the hand but lacks anamorphic support. The Optica Magnus one gets a little awkward in the hands with bigger lenses due to the center of gravity with the handle but is the better designed imo.  It is designed by Kish so that should tell you the quality and level of support you'll get with that one.  They have a very interesting frame line generator and system which would allow for custom frame lines without having to buy different glass or pay to get it redrawn all the time.

The Denz looks hilarious and I can't imagine it's very light.  The problem any of these have failed to account for is that they are big and heavy and the bigger lenses like Signatures and S7s feel extremely cumbersome in these finders. At that point I'd rather throw the camera on my shoulder and see the shot through the evf.

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