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Some free sounds for you guys and gals

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When I first joined Freesound they blocked me from contributing sounds. Lacking time and patience to screw around with finicky websites I donated some of my recordings to the Internet Archive instead. 

Here are some of the sounds you can download if you have a use for them. I'm not a professional audio recordist, so they vary in sound quality. But I try to only upload things that are somewhat decent. 

https://archive.org/search.php?query=sound effects teoli

I also have a huge Audio Archive. Some of it is online at the I.A. while much of it is in the process of being digitized / uploaded.  Over 10,000 hours of historic audio.

As a side note...

If anyone needs to have R/R tapes , records, VHS or sound cassettes digitized, I'd be glad to do it for free (WAV or MP3 for audio)...as long as it is of interest to me to include in my Archive and you want to share the content. (I don't digitize for $$...no share...no digitizing.) 



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Posted (edited)

I just added some more field recordings to the I.A. audio collection. 100 sound files so far.

Internet Archive Search: sound effects teoli

If you ever need robocall audio for a project, here are some I did as well. But I don't put my name on them. 

Internet Archive Search: robocall ddtjrac

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