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Ralph Poes

Stunning new campaign from Comme Des Garcons

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Just wanted to open up a discussion about Jordan Hemingway's new work for Comme Des Garcons: 


I think this is absolutely stunning, really reminds me of a specific late 70s aesthetic. I am studying cinematography at the moment - wanted to ask you guys how to learn from some techniques used in this video, what's best to try out - both on set and in post! I know it's not one for the purists, but I really think this photography is great...

First post on Cinematography.com - how exciting! I have been an avid reader 😉


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Absolutely! (Big Love Witch fan here btw, David!)

Was curious to know everyone's thoughts about the lighting and effects in general for some of these shots, they look absolutely stunning to me!





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Looks like it was shot on film. The first candle shot is composited digitally. The candle reflections don't fade out and the halation around the wicks doesn't change as the candles fade out. Some sequences are step printed. Probe lens in the second candle shot and the last shot looks like a composite of some sort also shot with a probe. Prisms/glass bowls in front of the lens but I can't figure out what he's using for the water/ripple effect. 

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Yep, step printing is one of his staples! And there's definitely a thin glass stripe in front of the lens at some point...

What about the type of lighting used/setup? Really reminds me of some of the Cure albums...

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Some cool tricks in there. The first macro shot where the hand grabs the bottle, and one later close-up has a lot of chromatic aberration - I have an old Pan Cinor that does the same. Also I think there's many shots where the camera is shooting into mylar that's being wiggled? Maybe one shot with vaseline around the edge of the lens, or a hole cut in a plastic bottle?

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Just rewatched Frankenheimer/Howe SECONDS on Saturday, and the B&W snippets here really reminded me of those opening credits.

This looked really hot! Definitely looked like mylar gags, one of my fave go-tos (and what Edlund used to create hyperspace for the brief views in STAR WARS and RETURN OF THE JEDI.)


Some of the early images of the model laying down in space reminded me of the awesome ep 8 of TWIN PEAKS season 3, when Cooper is on that building out in space and falls off.

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TP reference
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Yes! Twin Peaks S03E08 must have been a reference, especially knowing Hemingway's previous work. Still trying to figure out lighting in all shots but especially the deep red ones, any comments guys?

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