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Luke Hudson

Intercutting GH5s and EVA1?

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I have a client with an EV1A who is hiring me to shoot a documentary.  It needs to be a 2-camera shoot as the sit-down interviews need to have two angles.  We are considering various camera systems, and one option would be to use their EVA1 (not required, but an option since they already have it).  One thought would be to source another EVA1, however I was wondering if we could intercut a GH5s?

I've already seen enough comparison videos to convince me that we could intercut B-Roll shots from the two cameras (with similar glass) without a problem.  One advantage to going this route is the GH5s would do much better in low light--which will be a factor for some of the B-Roll.  

But my concern is if I can acceptably intercut the two cameras for the interviews.  One camera (likely the EVA1 in this case) would be on a loose medium shot and the second camera would be off to the side on a profile CU.  I could shoot good charts of both cameras and the project will go through a decent color grade.  I just wonder if we could get an acceptable match without doing very extensive work in the grade, which would nullify any advantage while shooting.  

I'm grateful for info from anyone who has solid first-hand experience with this.

EDIT:  I should mention, I'm finishing in 1080, so resolution won't be a factor. 

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I'm surprised the GH5s is better in low light, the 2500 ISO on the EVA1 is not bad and the camera has a big sensor. (It's also not great.) I would try them out and compare, it might be closer than you think or even in the EVA1's favor.

From what I understand V Log and V Log Lite look pretty similar in terms of color, but the EVA1 has two stops more highlight dynamic range in the highlights. So I'd look to use the EVA1 for the wides where you might have more contrast and then the GH5S for the close ups. Or just be cognizant of the two stops less dynamic range.

I've been working with the S1 and EVA1 and with V Log the image is quite similar. Colors are a bit different and the look is a bit different but I think they'd intercut well enough with minimal adjustments in color... The S1 suffers from aliasing in full frame mode with some fabrics, though, but it looks better in S35 mode to me. Also at 4000 ISO it's super clean! Another good option for a B cam and a cheap rental.

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Thanks, Joel, I really appreciate the reply.  My hunch is that it will ultimately be too risky, as cutting from skin tone to skin tone on the same person seems like it would accentuate the differences between the cameras.  The sensors are likely different, so maybe this is wishful thinking on my part. 

In the outside chance anyone has these two cameras intercut on skin tone, please let me know!

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