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Eclair NPR II - need help

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On my eclair npr (says eclair 16 II on the mags?) I need help identifying a connector, along with a switch on the motor. 
first of all, which connector name is this for the male on my handle trigger? 
secondly, what is the purpose of the switch on this motor? It seems to do nothing.. (but I’m unsure..) 

FPS counter is inoperative, but too complex for me to attempt repair.





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Well, I found out they are Jaeger connectors, which no one in the USA supplies.. and they're like 50$ each. Wow. Going to convert to mini XLR, no big deal.

Still need to know what the switch is for on the top of my motor, I can't figure it out as it doesn't do anything. I tried to trace the wiring inside, but theres almost no slack in there to move things around to see whats going where. (Doesn't help that every wire is white!)

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