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Considering moving to Vancouver

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Hi guys!

Well my significant other and I are considering a change of scenery since the film scene was dead here anyway now with the whole corona stuff happening it's not even rising from the dead anymore and since I've always loved Vancouver, I thought it would be a good place to relocate to.

It's not that the video business here is dead, far from it, in fact in the last couple of months we've worked our asse off with shooting stuff, but some how I just don't see the potencial for film here in Slovenia. Even though we've been shooting stuff here for some time and we're in production of two TV series pilots somehow I feel that it might be time to go somewhere where there's more chance to do something.

Anyway anyone on here from Vancouver or general area?

What's the film/video business there like?

Anyone know of anyone looking for two good and knowledgeable filmmakers?

Regards to everyone and hope you're having a good day 

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