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16mm Arriflex, Eclair, Scoopic, etc

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Hi there,

Please read this thoroughly. 

Gauging interest in the sale of my entire 16mm cine collection.

Full disclosure - I am on the fence about selling these, some of them need work, some work I have done myself, other stuff is beyond my abilities for servicing. I am gauging interest and seeking offers. I would trade everything for a classic VW Bus that needs work (1970s westie or conversion preferred, not automatic, and no I won't trade it for the one thats been sitting in the field for 45 years and hasn't moved once) Moral of the story is, I'm out of college, I'm working more, I have less time to shoot on film than I would like, but I've gained an interest on working on my jeep and other vehicles more and more. I am a hobbiest, and not a professional. This is why I am open to offers after you have seen the condition of the units themselves. Many issues that I posted on the forums ultimately resulted from user error. (I have never been taught, just self taught.) Anything marked with an " * " , I would recommend servicing before use. Many come with accessories, and extras, such as batteries , chargers, etc. Please contact me about each unit, and I will tell you specifics on what I see as a user.

Please see google drive link for pictures of each unit, and the condition. 

I am accepting offers on all units, please message me to start a conversation if you are interested. 

Willing to sell all for bulk buyer. USA ONLY PLEASE. 


Arriflex 16 M* - Serial Number 097! Low! - Runs with motor @12V, but needs a helping hand at 8V.  

Arriflex 16 S - 2 torque motors, 4 magazines, runs just fine with 8V (Shot w film). 

Arriflex 16BL - Stock motor - 2 mags, 12-120, cables, etc. (Serviced 2012). (Shot w film)

Arriflex 16BL - Tobin Motor - 2 mags, 12-120, cables, etc (Serviced 2019). (Shot w film)

Arriflex SR1* - 2 mags, cables, video tap, 3 onboard batteries re-celled 2020.  (Shot w film,  not yet developed)

Eclair NPR  - Variable speed motor, video tap, - FPS indicator does not function. 

Bolex H16 M5 - 400ft mag, torque motor and all additional motor electronics to function. (Shot w film)

Canon Scoopic 16 M - Runs, auto exposure slow

Canon Scoopic 16 MS* - Power to motor, motor does not function currently. Auto Exposure very snappy. Comes with RARE 400ft adapter for 400ft magazines, Motor works when triggered in magazine, with original manuals, etc. 

Once again, please message me on the forum message boards for more information and communication about these cameras. 

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