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Dehancer OFX film emulation plugin

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Hello Guys!

Dehancer https://www.dehancer.com/ is a film emulation plugin for Davinci Resolve, currently available for Mac users only. We working on Linux and Windows version at the moment.

For many years we are running a film laboratory in Moscow https://sreda.photo, where we sell, develop and print film, both for photo and movie. Last 8 years we spent developing a plugin that emulates the behaviour of a real film stock development. It's not the LUT, it's a much more complex set of tools based on precisely measured analogue processes.

Pro version includes

-Input camera profiles
-52 Film profiles
-Expand tool
-Print options
-CMY Color Head
-Film Grain
-Halation v2
-False Colors
-LUT Generator
-ACES support

For our friends from Cinematography.com, we offer a 10% discount promo code PROMO10 for any product in our store.

You can download a full version with watermark of our plugin on the website without registration.

If you are a professional colorist and would like to receive a two weeks full trial to check on a real-life project, please contact us by email marketing@dehancer.com

You can find more detailed information about the plugin in our blog


Subscribe to our Instagram and youtube page




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Good morning everyone!

Postromo Pictures prepared a very detailed and impartial video review on Dehancer plugin. There they compare and contrast Dehancer with its main competitor, and also test various features. Very well done and analysed! 



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Also guys,

Just wanted to tell you about the first ever ceremony dedicated to the colorists. The Colorist Awards ceremony is dedicated to the professional colorists and their contribution in the creation of movies, photographies and other types of creative content, which had been neglected for quite a while. Dehancer and other big players like Sony will be partnering with the Independent Colourist Guild in the organisation of this event.

The Colorist Award includes 6 nominations:
- Best color correction in a Commercial
- Best color correction in a Documentary Film
- Best color correction in the TV Series
- Best color correction in a Music Video
- Best color correction in a Short Film
- Best color correction in a Feature Film

The prize fund: more than 50000$

To apply for one of these nominations (or more) you should follow certain rules:
- Submit no more than 3 entries per nomination
- Your works should have been officially published or released in the period from January 01, 2020 to December 31, 2020
- The duration of a submitted video should not exceed 20 minutes
- Pay the submission fee of 70$ if you submit more than 3 works, or participate for FREE if you submit less than 3 works

! Submission closes on December 31, 2020 !

For more information go to http://coloristawards.com/

If you want to learn more about the Independent Colourist Guild head to https://icguild.org/

colorist awards – all-min.jpg

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We're glad to announce our most recent update - Dehancer 3.3.0 OFX plugin.
  • Apple Silicon M1 support
  • DaVinci Resolve 17.1 beta3 M1 adaptation
  • Optimizations
  • 2 installations — for x86 and arm64

This is a free upgrade for Dehancer license owners.

Download plugin:

If you want to receive a 2-week free trial for Dehancer Pro, email us at marketing@dehancer.com

Dehancer 3.3.0 OFX  update.jpg

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Posted (edited)

Hey guys!

There's a new video-course on how to see color on our YouTube channel.

In this video Dehancer team will talk you through the color and explain how your eyes may be deceiving you, backed up with the illustrations and some theory. This is the introductory part of the 3-hour long course: "How to See Color" created by the CEO of Dehancer - Pavel Kosenko.

Check it out!


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Even though this is not a complete group photo of our team because it’s spread all over the world with some members being at the moment in Moscow, Madrid, Sydney, Sochi or Kemerovo (just to name a few), we are all connected by the passion for photography, cinematography and colors.

Dehancer team wishes you a productive and creative Monday!

January 6, 2021

Ambrotype by Anatole Green


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Teaser of a short film "Seabreeze" by Fatty Soprano and Shawn Vasquez

Filmed by the director duo - Fatty Soprano & Shawn Vasquez, based in Toronto, Canada. It was graded in Dehancer with Kodak Vision 3 200T profile.

The release date is January 18th.

Fatty Soprano on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/fattysoprano/
Shawn Vasquez on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/shutterr_/


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Hi everyone!

There's a new license upgrade in Dehancer. You can upgrade any valid license to a more expensive one, whenever you like.

You only pay the difference between the price of your license and the price of the license you are upgrading to (based on prices at the date of the upgrade).
To upgrade:
1. Deactivate your current License Key inside the plugin.
2. Login to dehancer.com and go to License Management section of User Profile, find the License you wish to upgrade, then click ‘Upgrade License’ button.
3. In the checkout page, select the product you intend to upgrade to. Here you can apply a promo code if you have one.
4. Proceed to payment as usual.
5. After the payment is accepted, you’ll get the e-mail with your new Activation Key, and the new License will appear in your User Profile. Old License will be revoked.
6. Download and install your new plugin from Downloads & Buy section.
7. Activate the plugin as usual with your new Activation Key.

IMG_4039-min (1).jpg

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"Seabreeze"by Fatty Soprano and Shawn Vasquez

Fighting drug addiction, a woman falls deep into depression after having a miscarriage. Her guilty conscious becomes unbearable & her addiction takes over. She has hallucinations of a daughter she could have had.
Directed by: Fatty Soprano & Shawn Vasquez
Written by: Aidan Quinn Grossman & Fatty Soprano
Sound by x2dav
Actors: Shelby Handley & Bella Astbury
Seebreeze was shot with BMPCC 4k and graded with Kodak Vision 3 200T profile in Dehancer.
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Hello guys!

Long-awaited continuation of Pavel Kosenko's video-course is here! Today we'll focus on variability and how it helps us "savour" colors. We'll look at the 3 main components:


Watch the video to find out how the synergy of these variables can create a rich and sophisticated image.


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