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The Colorist Awards - first ever award ceremony for the colorists

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Hello everyone!

The Colorist Awards ceremony is dedicated to the professional colorists and their contribution in the creation of movies, photographies and other types of creative content, which had been neglected for quite a while.

The Colorist Award includes 6 nominations:
- Best color correction in a Commercial
- Best color correction in a Documentary Film
- Best color correction in the TV Series
- Best color correction in a Music Video
- Best color correction in a Short Film
- Best color correction in a Feature Film

The prize fund: more than 50000$

To apply for one of these nominations (or more) you should follow certain rules:
- Submit no more than 3 entries per nomination
- Your works should have been officially published or released in the period from January 01, 2020 to December 31, 2020
- The duration of a submitted video should not exceed 20 minutes
- Pay the submission fee of 70$ if you submit more than 3 works, or participate for FREE if you submit less than 3 works

! Submission closes on December 31, 2020 !

About ICG

The Independent Colourists Guild (ICG) is the largest international community of professional colourists dedicated to developing and supporting colorists from around the world.

The guild provides an educational platform for development, technical support for various hardware and software color grading systems and of course a large community that includes members from all over the world.

Members of the Guild are professional colorists from 74 countries of the world (as of November 2020).


Official website ICG: www.icguild.org

Official website Colorist Awards: www.coloristawards.com

colorist awards – all-min.jpg

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