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Travel Bag/Case for Tripod 57"+

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I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, but I'm trying to find a bag/case for an O'Connor suitable for airline travel. The problem is it's 57" closed with the head attached and the longest dedicated tripod bags I can find will only fit the legs. So far I looked at microphone stand bags, but I can't find one where I can attach a shoulder strap. I also looked at golf and snowboard travel bags, and they seem like decent options if I wanted to take the head off and use it for more gear than just the tripod (the legs themselves are 46" one stage). But the best I have come up with so far is a telescoping abs case for fishing rods that SHOULD work, if it's not a little too snug. 

Ideally I'm looking for something the same diameter as the tripod and not another big a** pelican case. If any experienced traveler has tips/suggestions, or experience with unusual packing methods, I would appreciate the help, thanks.

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What model is the OConnor head?

If the head is anything larger than a 1030, you’ll definitely want to pack the head separately in its own ATA flight case anyway. There’s so much mass in a 2560 or 2575 that you want that thing packed as well as possible. 

For 1030 or smaller, I’d go with a Sachtler Tripod Tube with extra foam padding for the head. Or just put the legs in a smaller tube and pack the head separately in carry-on. The legs can take a lot more abuse than the head can. 

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