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Moving shots with tall actors

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Hey everyone, 

I am going to shoot some scenes with an actor ,who is one head taller than me.  The scenes demand for a handheld/should rig set-up.  

When the actor is not moving, I can stand on an Apple Box.  Moving shots when I need to follow him are tricky though if I want to keep him on eye level. Any advice ? 🙂





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would using an easyrig fix your problem ? you can adjust it to counter the height difference and it would still give you the handheld feeling you are after . 


S. Leithy

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There is something called an Ergorig. The cam rests on a support brace that arches over your shoulder. The design looks height adjustable. Perhaps that design might work for you?

Google Ergorig and you'll find various offshoots of the design.

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