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Sigma FP for director finder

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It's actually pretty sweet. Framelines for any camera you need, anamorphic desqueeze, DP can shoot stills and audition for the director, form factor and PL mount is solid. Couple weird quirks. It doesn't auto shutoff like a DSLR so if the DP dumps it on the cart left on it will die, I found myself changing batts on it a bunch. It shows you a very contrasty image, and for us would default to auto-expose and would always blow the highlights...not really a problem for just finding your frame, but kind of discouraging to see your lighting look that rough in the process. It doesn't actually offer a LOG color space, it just shoots stills and video in .DNG raw frames. So the data is there, it just isn't a traditional cinema cam workflow. But yes, as a directors finder I would highly recommend it. If you're trying to play double-duty with it, might want to try before buying. 

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Thank you Chris for the answer.
I'm thinking test one and buy if it works great.
Can you confirm we can choose different resolutions and ratio for each camera.
For exemple : 
Red Helium - Resolution 6K - Ratio 1,85
Alexa Mini - Resolution 2K - Ratio 1,85 or 1,66
Because just the sensor it's not enough for being a good versatil tool.

Thank you,



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You're welcome! 

I cannot confirm for certain that it has every sensor resolution for each camera, but I do remember seeing all of the relevant options for the Alexa (Open gate, 2.8k, etc.) and I could also adjust frame ratio. I would assume the same would be for RED and Sony Venice but definitely test first.

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