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What should I consider when filming to achieve this look?

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Yes, it’s yellow + green. You can do it in camera or just shoot with normal white balance and grade it that way in post. The important thing is that you don’t mix color temperatures while lighting on set. Notice that both the practicals and the key light are the same color in Jude Law’s close up. This allows you to push the color as you like in the grade.

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7 hours ago, Satsuki Murashige said:

White balanced back to ‘normal’: 

Heh, isn't it great when the answer is "promist and Resolve."

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If the lights are naturally green, I wouldn't white-balance to neutral and then add it back again in post - the closer you get the color the way you want in camera without pushing RGB channels around, in camera or in post, the less noise issues you are going to have.

If I really wanted this look, I'd start with Warm White or Cool White fluorescents in the overheads (Cool Whites are around 4700K with green so in a 5600K camera setting, they'd be yellow-green but if you wanted to work closer to 3200K, then I'd go with Warm Whites, you could set the camera to 3700K to warm them up, but they will have some green in them naturally.)

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