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Question about Fujinon 4.8-48mm B4 lens cap/hood

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Hoping some of you broadcast/ENG veterans can help me with this—I have a Fujinon 4.8-48mm (A10x4.8BDERM-M28) but I lost the lens cap and hood, and am looking to find a replacement cap/hood. I cannot figure out though what size, diameter, or model of cap/hood to buy for this lens, and it's kind of driving me up a wall. 

If you guys could point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful.

(Here's an eBay listing—not my listing—of this model with some pictures of it for reference)

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Thanks Joshua.

So if I I wanted to use, say, a polarizing filter (I'm using this lens on my DVW-970 Betacam) would I have to buy a square filter and a clip on matte box, something like this in tandem with this adapter? Or could I just buy a replacement square rubber lens hood and attach a circular, screw-on filter to the thread on the hood? This sheet I found seems to indicate that's possible: https://www.fujifilm.co.th/globalassets/products/optical_devices/pdf/tv/accessory/tv_filter.pdf

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If you found a replacement hood, you would need a 127mm polarizing filter in the hood. Either there will be a way to rotate the filter ring in the hood or the filter itself will have rotation built in.

A clip on matte box is probably going to be easier to use, easier/cheaper to find a used replacement, and more resale value - but it's going to be bulkier than just the hood.

Used Chrosziel or Vocas matteboxes are cheap and designed to work with that lens. You'll just need the proper 95mm clamp (or rubber bellows, if you want to use rods).

On that Chrosziel PDF it says it needs a 5x5 filter for rotation, so you'll probably need to get something that size or bigger. You can find used 5x5 polas for cheap since it's not an often used format (you just need an appropriate tray to hold it.) You could also get a 138mm pola and put it a rear bellows or get a 138mm filter in a rotating tray that fits in most 4x5.65 matte boxes.


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Now that I think about it, the older Vocas 320 and 350 matte boxes used a 4.5x4.5 tray for rotating polarizers on wide angles and they took a square 4.5x4.5 pola. Every other 4.5 filter out there is round, but I don't know if that tray can use round filters. I tend to like Vocas matte boxes better (the 350 has integrated eye brows and takes 4 filters at a time normally or 3 at a time with this lens). However for future compatibility Chrosziel might be better.

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