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Arri WCU-4 and UMC-4 with 3 motors and cables

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Selling my WCU-4 focus controller with three motors and UMC-4 motor driver. Kit includes:
Arri WCU-4 handset
Shoulder strap
Hand strap
8 Sony batteries for handset (4 of them about 3 moths old, other 4 older)
Sony single slot battery charger
Sony dual slot battery charger
8", 12", 14" 20" and 3´6 pre marked focus discs
UMC-4 motor controller
2 RS-to UMC-4 power cable (long and short)
2 D-tap to UMC-4 Power cable (long and short)
UMC-4 to EXT port cable (can use the UMC-4 with Alexa mini or mini-LF and control the camera settings)
UMC-4 to EXT port cable (custom cable with D-tap so the UMC-4 stays always on while the camera is powered down)
UMC-4 to RED Epic start/stop cable
UMC-4 to Hirose start/stop cable (Sony venice)
UMC-4 to Alexa classic cable
Sunhans signal booster
2 x CLM-4 motor with 19mm rod bracket and 15mm rod insert
4 x CLM-4 motor cables
3 x 0.8mm cog, 2 x 0.4mm cog and 1 x 0.5mm cog for CLM-4 motor
1 x CLM-3 motor (high torque, very responsive), 19mm rod bracket with integrated dovetail slide for flexible positioning and a 15mm rod insert
3 x CLM-3 motor cable, 2 long and one short one
Photos here:
Asking AUD$20 000
Located in Sydney Australia 
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