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So my boss wants to set up a virtual studio. Where to begin?

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That's it. I need help on what to do.

Started reading the UE white paper on nDisplays but am starting on zero.

How can I implement this on the Brazilian mountains near Rio de Janeiro? Idea is a decent set for both studio production and live stream classes/performances with something called Canvas? (a wide led screen setup with integrated audio designed for live interaction with audience online).

How do I approach infrastructure and where to begin the budget for this? Set architecture, tech limitations

Any help is appreciated.

thanks in advance

Fugita, Victor

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If you're going to be doing realtime rendering with Unreal, it's more complicated than just playing back a video.

You'll need 2mm pitch LED tiles (Roe Black Pearl 2) as well as a Brompton SX40 system to drive it. The Brompton system scales with the screen size, so you'll need to talk to them about how many you need--that's what allows you to genlock the camera to the screen.

For Unreal, you'll need workstation PCs with nVidia Quadro graphics cards as well as the Quadro Sync card. Again, that's what lets you genlock the PC to avoid tearing. Depending on the screen resolution, you may need several PCs.

If the camera is going to be moving, you'll need a motion tracking system like Optitrack or Mosys.

Generally you're looking at a $500,000-1,000,000 budget.

On Set Facilities sells everything you need in one easy to purchase kit: https://onsetfacilities.com/product/led-xr-stage/

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