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Bell & Howell Super 8 Projector Image issue. Help & Suggestions

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Everything works on projector. However you can barely see an image.  I turned the focus and framer knobs every which way I can, to no avail. Any suggestions to fix this issue thanks

looked  through lens on small side and can't see anything i'm looking at. Small side can see upside down image that i'm looking at

Here are videos of a film playing. No lights on complete darkness, Shooting on a wall. As you can see the video is barely visible
Thanks for help and suggestions
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Hey, you are old school like me. I scour eBay to find used lightbulbs for my projector and Zeiss viewer.

Talk to this group or the 8mm forum/s. They deal with lots of projectors.

(27) 16mmFilmtalk.com - Index page

You have to join the 16mm forum to see it.

8mm Forum - 8mm Forum (film-tech.com)

I'd think the film shooters here get their stuff digitized. The few that project probably use a digital projector. (But am guessing.) 

Good luck!


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hi Chris,

although it has been 40 years since I was a telecine operator,  from memory some projectors

had a shutter much like an ND filter that operated when the projector was stopped or reversed

to stop the lamp burning a hole through the stopped frame.

not sure if this is your problem but is worth investigating if it is stuck down. 



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