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Shooting in Slow Motion (With a Fixed Shutter)

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So I will be shooting a music video in slow motion (36fps) on my CP-16R. It has a fixed shutter so I can't adjust the speed like you would if you were shooting slow motion with a digital camera. Was wondering if this has any negative/specific effects on the final image.

My other question is, since the film is going through the gate faster, to what degree do I adjust my exposure? Obviously I'll need more light, but how much more?

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In case anyone comes across this topic and is curious to the answers (I still haven't gotten the film back from this shoot for the actual results) but my internet searchings told me...

The fixed shutter doesn't matter much when switching between frame rates.

The exposure adjustment for 36fps is to add (open up) a full stop.

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1 minute ago, Jon Salimes said:

The exposure adjustment for 36fps is to add (open up) a full stop.

Assuming your shutter angle is 180 degrees, then your shutter speed at 24fps is 1/48 of a second. 

(shutter angle)/360 x 1/(fps) = shutter speed.
180/360 x 1/24 = 1/48. 

So at 36fps and 180 shutter: 180/360 x 1/36 = 1/72.

That is a 1/2 stop difference, not 1 stop. One full stop would be 1/96 sec, which you would get a 48fps.

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