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Do any of you use Production Hub...or something similar?

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I've used entertainmentcareers.net and indeed.com to find development executives.  Those sites worked for those types of people.  VP of Finance, Global sales etc. I got a lot of responses.  I'm not sure if either works for crew.  My educated guess is probably not.

When it comes to crew jobs, I've only tried Staffmeup, Mandy and that was to look for gigs.  Not for crew.  Both used to be great and were free for job seekers but not for employers.  Which is, as it should be. This is key.  NEVER pay to look for work.  That's a total scam.  Cause the incentive then is for the platform to create bogus ads for jobs that don't exist.  Just to keep you subscribed and seeking. You'll never know if what you're applying for is even a real posting.  Believe me I've seen plenty that seemed totally fake.

When I did see real looking jobs they were ads to shoot reality tv, commercial, event, and potentially documentary work though there was never any kind of work that was at all career elevating whatsoever.  Could be different now as I haven't looked in years. Doubt much has changed though.

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I have to imagine that everyone has a different experience, but for me personally, I've gotten one job out of my ~12 months on ProductionHub, most of my work is from other people I've met on set and references. I've gotten a couple of really good gigs off Craigslist surprisingly enough, but there's the obvious risk of shady people. I have yet to make a catch on Mandy.com in my ~6 months on the site. I had a friend that summarized online work in this field pretty well, something along the lines of 'In online work you're always the second guy they're looking for cause their primary guy is booked.'

Take from that what you will, but I can understand the sentiment. Hope this was helpful.

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