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Some of the water we drink is pretty filthy

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While traveling across the USA I try to pick up a gallon of tap water wherever I go. Sometimes the schedule is too hectic to stop and can't do it. That was the case in Memphis , TN and Paris, TX as well as a few other places where stopping to find a tap didn't work out. Still, I have tons of water tests from both Coasts and many cities in between. I also tested a large collection bottled water, water filters and water filtering vending machines.

Here is a recent sample of tap water I picked up in Richmond, IN in December 2020.


Some of you are drinking 'toilet to tap' water. That is code for recycled human waste. You never know what is in the water, all of them are perfectly clear. Yet some of the water is filthy.

I tried to buy a gallon of tap water from San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Seattle, New Orleans and Boston, but had no luck. Even after writing 70+ people in these cities that should have had an interest in seeing what is in their water while getting paid for it. (newspaper reporters, bloggers, people I've done business with) No replies from any of them. That is how it is in 2021. If it was 1921 I'd have got 70 typewritten letters saying yes or no. 


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Here in Melbourne, our tap water is okay to drink, meaning that it damages you only with long term use. But I only consume either pure water or bottled, alkaline water. Nobody should be drinking tap water.

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I'd like to get some of that Australian water to test. It is fascinating to see what is in it. Hell, I like water from anyplace on the planet.

If any of you travel a lot, carry 4 empty liter bottles with you and bring home a gallon of water to distill. You can make a study on foreign water. Or ship it to me, I will pay shipping and I will test it. (US only...can't afford shipping if outside of the country.)

The only foreign water I've tested is from Canada. It was called 'Rethink Water' and sold in a Tetra Pak and labeled 'From a Community Water System' as the source. (That is code for tap water.)

Photos of the test results are at the end of the bottled water tests. It is very filthy for bottled water. One of the dirtiest I've tested.



I bought (4) 1-liter bottles of the Canadian water in a health food store in MN. It was on sale. I only paid $4 a gallon for it instead of $8. So, who could resist!

You have to test bottled water as well as tap water. Some of the bottled water is not what they purport it to be. If you see the bottled water test photos you can see the difference between bottles labeled 'drinking water' vs. 'purified water.' Words make a big difference.

There is nothing wrong with processed tap water. Tap water processed through reverse osmosis is very clean. Almost like distilled water. But 'filtered' and 'charcoal filtered' tap water with no additional processing has been very dirty in my experience.

I also cover the water vending machines at that link. Generally they do a pretty good job cleaning up the water.

I'm still having trouble with the Internet archive. lots of trouble. 

Here is the photo from the first post that wont show up.



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Edit time ran out...

Every gallon you drink of that water shown above puts all that filth into your body. Yet all the water looks the same...perfectly clear!

I first got interested in water 12 years ago. I would drink bottled water and get heartburn from it. I started to distill water. I was amazed at what was in it. And things developed from there. 

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