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Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, April 11, 2021 Sunday episode, dialogue sound issue?

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I was watching Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist and noticed the conversation dialogue sounded "off". The actual songs that were sung sounded great, but the dialogue tracks almost sounded like they were recorded with a thin mask on the actor's face. I decided I was imagining things until the next show came on, which was "Good Girls". Absolutely spectacular dialogue  recording, so much better than Zoey's I have to ask, does anyone know what might have happened? My theory is Zoey was using wireless lavalier mikes that were buried inside the actor's clothing so deeply that it sounded as if someone had put a thin sock over the actor's tongues.

I don't know if this was a broadcast issue or if the episode just sounds this way even online. Again, the music sounded great, it was the talky stuff that just seemed off.

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