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Controlling a book light

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So I have started experimenting with the book lighting technique. The light quality is beautiful how it lands on talent however I find that it spills everywhere including the walls. I have used flags but have not had the type of result that I want. Is there something I am missing in terms of controlling the spill?

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10 hours ago, omar robles said:

Thanks everyone


If its just for something like interviews / closer shots, the far easier way is to use a large soft box ,with a grid , on your light ..they will really work to control spill with minimum effort and gear.. a book light is not intrinsically making the light softer , its just evening out the spread of light from the source ,hitting the diffusion  .. soft box with an internal baffle will do the same with a much easier set up .. the actual  "softness "  is based on the size of the source to the object , nothing else ..

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If you want to control and shape your light, a book light is a pretty poor choice of source. They're basically the most diffuse and omni-directional of all lights.


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