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I've been working on this project for ages. Just too much to deal with. The L.O.C. is a pain in the ass....my internet is very slow in the Rustbelt and just lots of material even when I finanly do get it all downloaded from the L.O.C. 

Here are a few of the collections. Maybe I have near 100 categories comprising of a few thousand photos. Just started with post processing a few days ago. But it is only half-ass post work. I can't spend too much time on it. I need to wrap up the sodbusters and get going by mid May scanning a 16mm film I have called The Initiation from the 1920's.

Internet Archive Search: prairie teoli

If you take a peak at Sodbusters in Transition at the link, that gives you a good overview of the material and pretty good post work. I spent more time on it. I only had 130 photos to post. Now have a couple thousand.

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The sodbuster doll collection is pretty interesting. Some of the dolls graduate in size as the girls age until they get a real one that the mom is holding next to her girls. So you have the whole process from mini doll to big doll to baby right in front of you.

Handling the dolls so much must pay off for the little girls. You know, practical training for holding the baby. The moms put in a tremendous amount of time and attention for a baby. I wouldn't like doing it for one day.

I did a photo shoot of Walmart's girls toys. It is up at the Internet Archive. Lots of domestic stuff. While shooting it I saw one pair of moms was shopping for a grocery cart with fake food for their girls. Another was buying a toy stove and pots and pans. A third mom was looking at a toy vacuum cleaner. I was surprised the girls toys photo collection was so popular; it got almost a couple thousand looks at the I.A.. I was in Walmart, had to wait for a prescription and bored, so shot it. I don't like to waste time, so figured it would be good project to archive.


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