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When you send out proposals and get nowhere...don't get your feelings hurt

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When you send out proposals and get nowhere...don't get your feelings hurt. There are so many incompetent people out there masquerading as professionals. 
Today I got an email from the Akron Art Museum. They wrote to me about a print portfolio I had sent them in 2013 as a proposed donation. They said they didn't want it. It took them 8 years to reply.  The previous record from a museum for a reply / rejection was about 6 years. 
Art museums are pretty bad. And it is not only art museums, it is special collection libraries as well.  I'm not going into detail because I still have to deal with museums / special collection libraries. I just wish I could spill some of the proverbial beans on them.
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My girlfriend who's actually a sculptress, but didn't have a studio for a couple of months decided to create some hand drawn illustrations for a children's book. 

She sent out a couple of shots to a publisher and a lady publisher got back to her the next day. She said that they were super interested and that my girlfriend should get her the first draft asap.

But on the other side in the filmmaking world I was lucky enough to find a producer who started working with me to get my screenplay up to Hollywood specs and then we went forward with finding distribution and financing. But the coronavirus threw a little wrench into the whole situation.

As far as commercial work I do agree completely because I've been sending out stuff to agencies for years and almost never get a reply. 

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5 hours ago, Daniel D. Teoli Jr. said:

You just have to work blind, without expectations. But, with lots of rejection, it can get depressing.

Glad things are looking bright for you. 

I agree that it can get depressing. But a friend of mine keeps telling me that you just have to push forward and keep on kicking and then things happen. 

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