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ARRI SR2 11-pin Fischer Voltage problem

Adrian Kuciel

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I am trying to get 12V out of my Arri SR2 HS from 11 pin Fischer connector at the back for the accessory, but when I measured the voltage it appears to be only 2,5V :(.
For the pinout I found a scan from Jon Fauer "Arriflex SR book" scanned and uploaded in the other topic on this forum.
(Original topic with the scheme here:)

What is even stranger, the voltage slightly changes, and can even go to zero when I turn the potentiometer knob on a "GLOW" that is on the side of my camera - also pictures attached:



Do you have any ideas what could be causing the problem? When I unplug the two wires that power the GLOW, camera will not run.

I will appreciate any ideas!
Thank you!

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