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The Basics of Using Nets / Gaffer & Gear
With today's dimmable LED fixtures you might think nets are a thing of the past, but Andrew shows how nets are still a vital part of controlling light on set.

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V-RAPTOR features a multi-format 8K sensor (40.96mm x 21.60mm) with the ability to shoot 8K large format or 6K Super 35. Joining its predecessor, the MONSTRO 8K VV sensor, this unique in-camera option for impactful visual storytelling allows shooters to leverage any of their large format or S35 lenses with the push of a button and always deliver at over 4K resolution.
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FilmLight Colour Awards Jury / EnergaCAMERIMAGE 2021
FilmLight recently launched a new event honouring colourists and the art of colour worldwide, with winners due to be celebrated at EnergaCAMERIMAGE 2021 in Poland. The programme has met with spontaneous acclaim. Colourists, renowned cinematographers and directors, and other professionals from the imaging industry across the globe, all support the initiative.
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Canon's XF605 - Dual Pixel AF, Optical IS, 10-bit 4K, ND's and 1" Sensor
The XF605 Professional Camcorder is the next-generation XF-series camera providing excellent mobility, connectivity, and superb 4K UHD HDR image quality. Equipped with Canon’s renowned Dual Pixel CMOS AF, the XF605 achieves high-speed and high-accuracy focusing, and is the first XF-series model to include Eye Detection AF, as well as iTR AF X technology for improved face and head detection for more accurate and stable tracking of subjects.
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Aputure's New LS 600x Pro LED
The LS 600x Pro boasts an expanded bi-color range fo 2700K~6500K while still being able maintain an impressive output. Equipped with its native Hyper-Reflector, the 600x Pro can output 5,610 lux at 3 meters (10 feet). With the F10 Fresnel modifier, the combination can reach an illuminance of 18,5100 lux at 3 meters in 15° spot.
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LightNet / ARRI's new Broadcast Studio Lighting Networks Tool
ARRI has announced the release of its latest innovation—ARRI LightNet. ARRI LightNet is a unique new software platform designed by ARRI’s Solutions Group to offer smart, logical, and at-a-glance centralized monitoring, fault-finding, and management of broadcast studio lighting networks from anywhere. 
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HMI's vs LED's through Diffusion
Meet the Gaffer's Luke Seerveld compares the diffused light quality and output from the ARRI M18, K5600 Joker 800 and a couple of Aputure 600d Pro's using 1/2-grid diffusion through a frame and an Octabank.
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Canon EOS C70 In Stock @ B&H with 0% Financing
Canon's $5500 EOS C70 is in stock at B&H and available with 24-month 0% financing.
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Lovecraft Country / Behind the Scenes with Bob Gorelick, SOC
Camera operator Bob Gorelick SOC shares what it was like to shoot Lovecraft Country, an American horror drama television series. Starring Jurnee Smollett and Jonathan Majors, the series is about Atticus Black, who travels across the segregated 1950s United States in search of his missing father, learning of dark secrets plaguing a town on which famous horror writer H. P. Lovecraft supposedly based the location of many of his fictional tales.
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From the Archives: Unbleached vs Bleached Muslin
Most of the times I've seen muslin recommended it's said to get unbleached over bleached. Is this an aesthetic (color or diffusion) choice or something more than that? I'm gonna build a muslin frame and before I ordered some fabric I wanted to clear this up. 

Also another quicky, how do silk and ad muslin differ in how they diffuse light? I'm not against getting silk but to save some money I'm looking into muslin. Or should I just get both?
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New $1295 - $1795 Studio Cameras from Blackmagic Design
Blackmagic Design today announced a new family of Blackmagic Studio Cameras for live production. The new compact all-in-one design will help a wider range of live production customers who need cameras with professional features that are also fast to setup on location. The new Blackmagic Studio Cameras include design features such as carbon fiber reinforced polycarbonate and large integrated 7" viewfinders so they are very light weight making them much easier to transport and setup than large traditional studio cameras.
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