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  2. Hobby Films : The two most expensive home movies in Hollywood history : Coincidentally, Welles originally hoped to film Conrad's Heart of Darkness, then a script based on Howard Hughes! Instead : Kane.
  3. 900 for 1000ft sounds like money well spent to me then haha
  4. Example : Orson Welles : society destroys its Artists then raises a celebratory monument over the ashes.
  5. update: I reinforced the Lowepro inverse 200 aw with some old US LC2 suspenders, and this makes it much easier to carry. Also tested a Marmot-Walkabout oversized pack, but the Lowepro zipper is way handier for the camera. Other carrying advice and methods are still welcome.
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  7. They also complain about the grain and one of them wonders if there may be less grain if developed with ECN2. A link to this forum follows which answers that question.
  8. Interesting, I will examine this in more detail later, thanks for sharing.
  9. I think it's an old AGFA reversal stock they re-formulated. The technical issues with the manufacturing of the stock are different than the issues with the emulsion. I'm gonna make a gross assumption which is probably way off base, but I have a feeling if I shoot at 200 ISO and process E6, I bet it works like an ektachrome stock. I have a feeling this is based on the old AGFA Chrome reversal stock.
  10. If you wanna, I ain't gonna say no haha! I do have more film tho, so maybe hold onto it until I've run out? I got at least another 1k feet to muck around with. Next test will be very different.
  11. German test C41 processed results by Sebastian Bock here: https://www.filmvorfuehrer.de/topic/37472-orwo-nc500-erster-eindruck/
  12. It 100% looks like bad processing. But sadly, I think it's bad stock as it was processed at Fotokem the top lab in the country. I would love to have someone process a batch in C41, I can't do that stuff sadly.
  13. For Sale Set of 8 Brand New Signature Primes Will ship in 7 to 10 days! Call or Text or WhatsApp 917-499-9596 Email barbara@newprovideo.com $162,000.00 PL Mount with Feet scales Focal Lengths ARRI Signature Prime 18/T1.8 F ARRI Signature Prime 25/T1.8 F ARRI Signature Prime 35/T1.8 F ARRI Signature Prime 47/T1.8 F ARRI Signature Prime 58/T1.8 F ARRI Signature Prime 75/T1.8 F ARRI Signature Prime 95/T1.8 F ARRI Signature Prime 125/T1.8 F
  14. @Tyler Purcell I got my 2 cans yesterday, honestly Im unlikely to be able to do a real test as I'd hoped this month the way things are going. If you want 1 of my cans just DM me and I can send it to you if you wanna run an additional test at box speed so we can all see how it looks.
  15. Yeesh I can't imagine they were unaware of these QC issues.
  16. No Trespassing Already meaning production is getting out of hand. NO TRESPASSING. What is about to occur in this sequence? The character who gives the story its title dies, and we see and hear it happen. NO TRESPASSING. We’re nearing the realm of the Beyond. The “after the end”. Obviously we cannot enter this. Understood in this light, the phrase NO TRESPASSING is as a shrug of the shoulders. So far the sign is articulating : (a) get out of here (b) you will never understand which recalls Eyes Wide Shut (1999) also (c) wherever you expect to go, you’re not getting there (d) because you can’t A first-rate story often chooses to remind us of what we cannot know.
  17. Shot 1 What gets us over the fence? What ignores the commanding NO TRESPASSING? Who seeks Truth? The Creator. We follow along, as Dante followed Virgil. We learn what we can along the way, as the Creator learns (concurrently, so to speak).
  18. let us pause here to say technicians bring cinema to life after the Director says “Yes”.
  19. one thing which came into mind... is it possible that it is a lower sensitivity stills stock emulsion and just sensitized a bit to get to the higher base ISO? I already mentioned on the other thread that it looks like expired amateur stills film but the look kinda resembles push processed medium speed film, not Fuji but a bit similar style. maybe taking some 100 to 200 ISO Agfa amateur stock emulsion, cooking up with chemicals to get to the about 400 ISO and then coating and selling as a "completely new film formula" ? because the dynamic range and grain structure does not look like any kind of normal stock to me and something is definitely going on. Assuming that the development was done correctly of course. As a side note, I shot some documentary stuff years ago on 16mm which was supposed to look more like Super8 than 16mm. I shot with a N16 Bolex, underexposed the 7219 quite a bit and then push processed it by 2 stops. The grain levels and shadow latitude resembled these Orwo tests pretty well which is why I remembered it so clearly
  20. Shot 1 The visual experience begins with words : themselves pictures. A celebration of language perhaps, or a weight on us, or both, like : Dunkirk (2017), which recalls : The Marriage of Maria Braun (1978) No Trespassing : The film chooses to place its Recording Eye just here. It would be absurd to remark, “The camera's in CU of a location detail and that's that.” Xanadu is as vast in size as any estate in America; the film had more than a few details to choose between when deciding on the camera placement of its opening shot. The Spectator is meant to make sense of this in a special way, similar to how the roving camera, focusing on particular details in one continuous shot of Marion Crane’s bedroom, urges the audience to make sense of things : No Trespassing : In how many ways can this statement—“No Trespassing”—be heard? Example : the Spectator will be unable to reach to the character, Charles Foster Kane. The Spectator only comes to know this person through the memories of others, so that the lens throughout CK is not an inhuman gaze but a dream-state (Vertigo). We have come to hear about a character we will get no closer to by the end. Read in this light, the phrase No Trespassing is a lugubrious truth.
  21. Shot B Dear Spectator : Whatever you think you are, you’re not that. Come inside and investigate the Situation.
  22. it kinda resembles slightly expired very basic amateur photo negative stock... like those cheapest ones which were just sold out of those big pools/boxes on supermarkets and not stored preperly in a fridge. Something of the colours resembles those
  23. I am striving to aquire a Lasergraphics archivist scanner. I have gotten a quote with all the features I need is at $70,000. I at this time have a MARK II and ordered the 4k upgrade kit. I love the MARK II but the work flow is slow. The Lasergraphics archivist scanner will speed up the work flow and the overall resolution and definition will surpass the MARK II. Not too mention the rock solid scans. I'm not worried about a wet gate system. The Filmfabriek HDR + is touted as the best quality scanner on the market. But that may or may not be true. I know the industry all points to the Lasergraphics as a starting bench mark. The Lasergraphics line of scanners are a step above the filmfabriek scanner. But I have seen some fabulous scans from the filmfabriek scanner. But for me in 18 to 24 months I'm purchasing the Lasergraphics archivist scanner.
  24. Why did Hollywood ruin Orson Welles the moment he stepped into town? He made the mediocre look worse. (Truth hurts.) Get rid of the Genius, and the arrogant mediocrities get to seem a little brighter to themselves : and bestow awards upon themselves : all an illusion more inane than any of their products (“hard to believe”). That has too often been the response to authentic artists now celebrated as Great: from John Milton to John Keats to Shelley to this one and that one : a mediocre community destroys the best, so it can sell junk to the public with a smile. Q : Who was the most popular poet of the day of Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats, Shelley, Lord Byron? None of those. . . . Let's give the last word here to Shelley : he mournfully remarked that the critics killed Keats. Whose side are you on? Do you know?
  25. Shot A An artwork is a Fxck You. Are you going to be weak and cowardly and take it? Or . . . ?
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