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  2. I think the orange is due to the viewfinder prism's coating affecting the transmission of light. I don't know if the original video beamsplitter has any colour shift but the normal prism (like I seem to have in my camera) is likely not meant for video tap use and thus it just has the regular (aluminium?) partial coating which affects colours when shooting through it
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  4. I have noticed the opposite problem - of production companies being aware of their reputation. The two most prominent examples that spring to mind involved Asylum making movies in the UK under an assumed production company name because they knew people might be unwilling to work for them; in the end it was fine and nobody had any complaints other than that it was clearly not a huge budget thing, but there's nothing intrinsically wrong with that. That said I have learned not to leap to the conclusion that the sort of political stuff Max is talking about is necessarily far-fetched. It's sti
  5. I don't quite understand the thread premise here, you're saying the crew who work on a Finding Neverland sequel might end up blacklisted? By who exactly? Are you saying that because a films producer or studio gets sued the crew might get blacklisted for being accessories in some way? Or do you think a big chunk of the industry is sympathetic to Jackson and out to cancel people involved in smearing his name? Is there any precedent of this happening? Seems pretty far-fetched.
  6. I'm sorry I'm not familiar with the A-Minima, but I've worked on a lot of other cameras - certainly opening and closing the sprocket doors should be a simple exercise. On other cameras, sprocket guides like this often have a release button that allows you to open them. From reading the manual, the A-Minima sprocket doors just open out, so I would assume there is a light spring ball or similar mechanism to locate it against the sprocket, that is normally easily over-ridden. The guides need to stay in position to prevent the film from jumping sprocket teeth, so there must be something locat
  7. +++PRICED TO SELL+++ $80,000 ELITE ANAMORPHIC SET OF 6: 24.5(MK5), 40(MK4), 50(MK5), 75(MK4),100(MK4), 250(MK5). Unused since they were repainted and rebuilt at Slo Motion in LA in 2021, they are in as near to mint condition as possible for vintage lenses. Frank rated them as an "A set" with zero fungus, optically very sharp. Includes IBE PLx2 lens Doubler (in excellent condition, was $4000 new), short carbon lens rods, aluminum 18” rod, Slow Motion lens support, Wooden Camera lens support and brand new custom cases (3) from InnerSpaces in LA.
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  9. I just released a video game which needed a content disclaimer and a bunch of revisions to get published to Steam... and it really seems who gets cancelled for what comes down to how much people liked you before your hot button incident got outed. Likening it more to comedians who get cancelled for jokes as opposed to outright assaulting someone. Kwame Brown has recently blown up Youtube, preaching a concept of the "go along get along gang". He'll bring up all sorts of things (literal rape charges for one) from the pasts of prominent figures well ingratiated with this current iteration of
  10. Nothing about this will be fast. Big, yes. Fast? nope.
  11. We're implementing it on our 70mm scanner, kind of just because we get it for free with some of the libraries we're coding with, so why not? But if we add HDR to the scanner (which will likely happen in a few months), it'll be nice to have a 32bit container to put it in . I can't even comprehend what working with 14k files like that is going to entail, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there!
  12. Thanks for sharing all your progress Aapo, nice to read this thread. I'm also interested in making a tap for it. Last night i was finally able to pop-open the video assist cover and peek into it. Why is the image coming off the prism orange? Image is correct in viewfinder but wondering why it's orange when looking down in the tap hole. I see that it is orange in your pictures as well.
  13. I think 16bit RGB DPX is good for almost anything, remember that is 16bits per color channel. No film scanner I know of scans to EXR so if your doing a film scan it would already be a DPX to EXR conversion.
  14. I guess it's just not something I know anything about. I'm wracking my brain, but I don't think I've never been asked to do anything that I wasn't comfortable doing. I did once turn up to a short film shoot to discover that it involved full frontal nudity, but since everyone involved seemed completely happy I went ahead and shot it. In the end, anyone can claim to have been offended by anything. P
  15. Well, I got the Jackson DVD from the library. About 4 hours long. Maybe it was 2 hours too long. The last 2 hours was just more crying and complaining about Jackson having sexual contact with the kids. Amazed the stage moms were so mesmerized they would let their kids sleep with Jackson. In the future things may be worse for professionals. So, depending on your project, you may have to pick your projects carefully or use a nom de plume / alias or go uncredited. It will be just like the old stag film days with made-up names for credit. The dems own MSM, the newspapers, high tech, so
  16. The W85/clear filter is a very important part of the whole optical system on your Beaulieu 2008S camera. By removing the internal filters, the optical distance is changed about 0,05-0,08mm and will change the back focus. The tolerances for this distance is only +/- 0,01mm on this 1,9 Angenieux lens. It need to be readjusted to get proper focus.
  17. NIGHTMARE.....NIGHTMARE....NIGHTMARE.... My experience with Van Diemen is the worst customer service experience of my life....GUARANTEED!!!! I finally found an associate who will be traveling to Surrey and I requested to have them retrieve the lens and pay via Banker's cheque or cashier's cheque, Van Diemen has declined that as a viable option, stating I have to wait 2 weeks before they can release the lens. A Bank's cheque is a guarantee of the funds availability and that the cheque will not bounce!! But leave it to Van Diemen to complicate it! FURTHERMORE, they are com
  18. I have an Alexa LF kit for sale that's in excellent condition. Includes: Alexa LF Body with 202 hours 1 EVF Viewfinder 1 EVF Eyecup 1 EVF Extension Bracket 1 EVF Bracket VMB-3 1 Top Handle 1 Leveling Block 1 BP8-2 1 WA-1 1 Shoulder Pad 1 Arri LUT Library 1 SxR Adapter for Alexa 1 SxS Adapter for Alexa 4 SxR Capture Drives 2TB w/ Cases 1 SXR Card Reader Codex 1 Cable: Thunderbolt 1 Cable: Card Reader to AC Power 1 Cable: OSHA 1 SD Card 16GB 1 EVF Cables 2ft 1 EVF Cables 2.1ft 1 XLR 4pin Female to Fischer 2pin 1x Alexa LF to Ethernet 1x KC-20 Power
  19. Here is the link to a User Guide for the Kinor 16 CX. There are some things in it that are not covered in the previously posted manuals, some info comes from the internet, and some comes from using the camera myself. Either way I hope it is useful to someone, and I needed something to do while "locked down" https://www.mediafire.com/file/eugmxtqibcoowl0/Using_the_Kinor_16_CX-2M.pdf/file As always, if I have missed something, please send a PM and I can get onto it, Gareth
  20. Are you still looking at these lenses? I have three Angenieux 18.5mm which I've mounted on a variety of cameras. On MFT there image circle covers perfectly (obviously), on modern S35 sensor there can be a touch of a vignetting in the corners. This depends on which version of the lens us used. The classic type as used on Touch of Evil has pretty clean coverage due to the wide built in lens hood. On FF / 135, the image circle no where near covers.
  21. Always curious how others work and use equipment. For still lenses i put my hands down for tilta mini. Though I have made custom fitting for sony still lenses where it clamps on lens body. I don't have plan right now to make 4x4 with top flag. Though I will put this idea in wish list.
  22. It's the filter. Remove the lens, take a cotton wool tip or so, and remove the filter by gently pushing it out from the inside to the ountsinde (c-mount thread). There are two, one KR15 and a clear one, they are moved by the filter key in the grip. You can remove the c-mount thread plate before, peel off the black cover and remove the 4 screws. Is easier then. Afterwards for you need a KR15 filter for Tungsten film at daylight. May be, the lengs must bei collmated after the procedure, but in most cases it is fine.
  23. If you feel you're the right guy for the part, pay is 500/day. Call me at 916.276.1731
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