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    • Alexa Classic worth it in 2021?
      Since it has been around for a while, there are a ton of tests from the Alexa Classic and, on eBay, those cameras can be had for not too much more than a new Ursa 12k. My question is if it is still a safe bet in 2021? I am doing this for shooting my own projects and maybe for some friends/colleagues in education if they need corp. videos or whatnot.
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    • Converted Arriflex ST Super 16mm by ARRI - they exist!
      A few weeks ago I got in touch with an 88 year old German cinematographer who ran a one man laboratory for 16mm film. He told me he had and Arriflex BL Super 16 which is not a third party conversion but was produced by Arri in the late sixties. The format wasn't very popular at that time and Arri only made about 25 of them. The BL cameras are heavy beasts and since I've been looking for a Super 16 camera that you can carry around with you on walks, I figured that maybe Arri also made an Arriflex ST Super 16 version. And guess what, they did. Again, only about 25 were made. I contacted one of the old Arri technicians and he confirmed the location of one of those cameras. It is on its way to me and as soon as it arrives I will update this post for anyone who is interested. Below a photo of the old beauty, you can see the serial number 25.
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    • Sony Unveils Flagship VENICE 2 Digital Cinema Camera With New 8.6K Full-Frame Image Sensor and 16 Stops of Exposure Latitude
      Sony Electronics Inc. introduces the VENICE 2, the new flagship model and latest addition to its lineup of high-end digital cinema cameras. Cinematographer Claudio Miranda ASC provides insight and analysis on “The Camera Test,” with a breakdown on how well the Original VENICE and VENICE 2 intercut. Miranda also discusses what he thinks makes the VENICE 2 stand out.
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