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    • Super 8 film on a drone
      Taking Super-8 to new heights!
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    • ARRI Alexa Mini LF for TikTok?
      Wanna shoot some amazing TikTok's or Instagram Stories, well ARRI has got you covered.
      Shooting content that requires a vertical deliverable? In this Tech Talk Sean explains how to make the most of our Open Gate recording formats as well as our specific Vertical Format Adapters to get high-quality, cinematic 9x16 footage.


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    • LFL - Lens & Filter Library
      Filmmakers can use the LFL to study a range of lenses and filters and see how they perform. I hope the videos will assist you in making creative and technical decisions during prep and shooting. If you like the look of any lenses or filters in the LFL I’d recommend testing them yourself to see them first hand before committing to shooting with that glass for your project.
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