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Arriflex 35 III PL Excellent 6 mags CE HS Base Cases

Will Wertz

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Arri 35-3 Body 4-perf PL Mount

$8750 (Indiana, USA)

(4) Standard 400 ft magazines
(2) Shoulder 400 ft magazines

C.E. Crystal High Speed base
Handgrip with trigger
Internal battery (brand new uninstalled)
Flight cases

Body and mags have been completely CLA'd. This kit is single owner and in great condition.
More accessories available (Jergen's door, SD tap, etc) if interested.

View full kit here: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/tnhnw7l7ivm92fok68gbq/h?rlkey=v3do7ou8u0x8eplwoqeykp4q6&dl=0


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