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Fran Moreno Blanco

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Hi there,

I recently bought an Arriflex 2C and it came with an extra handgrip motor. Model CRA-6A from Cinema Products which can either work at 24 or 25 fps. It didn't come with a battery nor a power cable and I'm trying to build one myself. It states that it's a 16-24 V & 2 Amp motor but i can't identify what kind is this input power port. It looks like a downsized version of a 3 pin XLR but I could be wrong. 

Any ideas on what could it be? I don't know if it's readable in the picture but each pin is marked with a letter: A, B and C. I have guessed that "A" stands for the hot pin, "B" for the cold and "C" for ground. But again I could be wrong and I don't want to apply power without being 100% sure since I could fry the motor. 

Any help is highly welcomed! I'll update if I find additional info on this. 

Fran Moreno

Power imput.jpg


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