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A set of older cinema primes

Dave Bourbois

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Hello everyone. I recently purchased an Konvas 1-M. I like the cameera but don't care for the lenses, a set of old lomo primes. Les Bosher can convert the lens turrent to accept modern nikon or canon lenses. I was considering going for that, but realize that as sharp as these lenses are, they were not designed for cinematography. If I were to get the turrent converted to an arri standard mount, perhaps I could get a few cooke or zeiss lenses. What would you guys go for, on the cheap? I live several hours away from Houston and even further away from Dallas, and plan on shooting small films, which is why I don't opt for an Arri PL mount. Anyhow, any input would be appreciatted.


-David Bourbois



To see some of the conversions Les has done just click below



Les Bosher's Webpage


Check under camera conversions, then scroll down to 35mm cameras



Commie Cam


Check under Camera Modifications

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I think Nikon are a pain, mostly because their barrels turn the wrong way and there's

no way to integrate them into film production. They also sport the shortest flange focal

distance of any lenses, so I actually doubt you can stick them on the Konvas 1M even if

you wanted to. Besides, the barrel turns like an inch between infinity and close focus, which makes them virtually impossible to pull focus on.


Generally, still lenses have always been a bit soft, even on 16mm. I used my friends

Nikons on his Aaton and they never felt snappy compared to the Zeiss's.


I think you should reconsider the lenses you've already got. I have a set myself still

and I found them rather pleasing. But then again, I'm into old flare-prone and soft lenses..

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Matt, haven't really tried them. All I remember hearing is that "real photographers"

don't use Canon - they're toys. But I don't know anything about still equipment or Canon,

it's just something I heard someplace years ago from a Nikon fan.

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