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Opinion on using an un-tested lens

Eugene Sung

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I'm getting a 100 to 300mm Canon Zoom FD (35mm still lens) which I'm attaching to an Eclair ACL reg16mm.


The problem is, I'm getting it at the last minute before I leave to Peru for one month to film a surf movie.


I'm will get the Canon lens colimnated at Optical Electro (very reliable) and I order it from BHPhoto who says the lens is in Excellent + condition.


Normally, I would shot some film to make sure the lens works before I take it on a month long filming expedition, but I don't think I have the time since it's the last minute.


Would you guys bring an un-film test lens on a trip, even if the lens is in excellent condition and been properly colimated? Or is it too risky?


I have a 75-210mm Canon FD zoom which we were going to use originally, but it didn't quite zoom far enough to reach the surfers. Should I be safe and stick with the tested lens?


In my situation, is it un-safe to bring an untested lens, especially since it's a 35mm to 16mm adaptation??


Thanks for any advice.

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